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Custom sort value field #9

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I prefer using a different field name for the sort field. I actually migrated from a different sortable app and didn't want to change the field name.

This adds a SORTEDM2M_FIELD_NAME setting which allows the field name to be overridden. I also added an escape for the field name when querying so reserved names like "order" can be used.

I intended to add tests for this feature before creating a pull request but I never got around to it. I'm creating this pull request to at least start the discussion about this feature.


Ok, I think it makes sense - at least in your case - to change the field name.
But I would prefer to not add this as a global configuration, but to use an attribute you can pass into the Field constructor.

I hope to implement and test this later this week/next week. Feel free to nudge me if it's not done by then.
Another pull request is welcome as well ofcourse!


The field name isn't actually changed so much as it is escaped to avoid an accidental SQL injection. The escaping surrounds the field name by backticks (`) which doesn't actually affect the field name, but allows special words/characters in it. It is the SQL equivalent of surrounding a command line parameter in quotes. So if "sort_value" was specified in the setting it would work as expected.

I do think the method of escaping I used may be a little primitive though. Maybe the function(s) Django uses to escape field names should be used instead of surrounding the name by backticks.

@gregmuellegger gregmuellegger added a commit that closed this pull request Jan 29, 2013
@gregmuellegger Fixes #9 -- Allow the user to customize the name of the sort-by field…
… of the intermediate m2m relation table.

Thanks for the feature request! This is implemented in the new 0.5.0 release. Have a look at the readme file for basic documentation.


Awesome. Thanks for the merge. :)

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