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Websocket support for django.
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django_websocket_tests Using Django 1.3.x and its RequestFactory. Jun 5, 2012
examples Adding example project. Jul 17, 2010
.gitignore Small fixes and more tests. Jul 18, 2010
CHANGES.rst Removing custom runserver command. Django 1.4 ships with a multithrea… Sep 27, 2012
LICENSE Initial commit. Jul 13, 2010 Fixing MANIFEST file to include examples and tests directory. Jul 18, 2010
README.rst Abandoned, do not use this project May 10, 2016
requirements.txt Requiring Django's newest minor release, 1.4.1 Sep 27, 2012 Fixed #9 -- Fixing a packaging issue. Thanks to bbiskup for the report. Oct 29, 2012


django-websocket (ABANDONED, do not use)

THIS PROJECT IS ABANDONED! Please use django-channels to implement websockets with Django on the server.

For legacy reasons, you can access the old documentation in the README of version 0.3.0.

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