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Minitest Fork Executor

If you're struggling with state leaking between test cases then minitest-fork_executor can help you alleviate the pain by running each test case in a separate process so that no state can be leaked between them.

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Install via Ruby Gems:

gem install minitest-fork_executor

or add to Gemfile:

gem 'minitest-fork_executor', group: :test

Then configure Minitest to use it by adding the following to test_helper.rb or a similar file:

Minitest.parallel_executor =

From now on, each test method will be run in a separate process.

Rationale and Prior Art

When working on active_record_doctor I had to deal with order-dependent test cases caused by insufficient garbage collection of dynamically defined Active Record classes. The extent of the problem was compounded by supporting multiple versions of Ruby and Rails.

The proper solution to the problem would be to fix the offending Rails code but it would be a time-consuming distraction from work I wanted done on active_record_doctor. I decided to work around the problem by running each test case in a separate process and turned the solution into a standalone gem.

minitest-parallel_fork is a similar gem but works at a class-level instead of test-case level. It means test_* methods defined on the same test class can still leak state. The problem could be avoided by splitting each test class into multiple single-method test classes (one for each test_* method) however I decided against that solution in order to maintain higher test cohesion.


This gem is developed and maintained by Greg Navis.


Near-perfect process-level test case isolation.





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