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Python Biased Stop Words


Biases are bugs

Stop words are words which are filtered out before processing of natural language data. Often in text analysis there are non-casual correlations, consider the following documents:

  • He is an astronaut, he is on Venus
  • He is an accountant, he is on Earth
  • She is an astronaut, she is on Mars

Processing these documents into two topics will result in gendered clustering. If we remove the gendered terms:

  • is an astronaut, is on Venus
  • is an accountant, is on Earth
  • is an astronaut, is on Mars

Processing will result in job clustering. Both clusterings are valid, however if you are interested in employing an astronaut, you don't want male accountants showing up. There are many other examples of non casual relationships occurring in natural language; religion, ethnicity, and age to name but a few.

Available genres

  • Gendered Terms
  • US Names
  • Religious Terms (Partial)

More will be available soon. Contribute at


biased-stop-words is available on PyPI

Install via pip

$ pip install biased-stop-words

Or via easy_install

$ easy_install biased-stop-words

Or directly from biased-stop-words's git repo <>

$ git clone --recursive git://
$ cd biased-stop-words
$ python install

Basic usage

>>> from biased_stop_words import genres, get_stop_words
>>> genres()
'religious, gendered, us-common-names, us-names, us-male-names, us-female-names, gendered-nouns'
>>> get_stop_words('gendered', 'us-common-names')
[u'trenton', u'augustine', u'khalil', u'aiden', u'elisabeth', u'andre', u'khanum', u'elva', u'fran...

Running Test

$ python biased_stop_words/

Python compatibility

Developed for Python 2 & 3.