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# Codex Vitae
This document's purpose is to capture my beliefs about the universe, track how my thoughts change over time, and act an invitation to others to hold me accountable to my beliefs and commitments.

#### Changelog
- [history of changes to this document](

## Beliefs about Me

- I am ignorant of the universe or multiverse or multiverses but trying my hardest
- Things that I hold as truths today may not be truths in the future
- I will embrace change
- There is no universal purpose of life, we must make our own
- I am not sure what my purpose of life is yet
- My senses can easily be fooled, I experience the world though my senses

## Beliefs about Humans

- Humans have evolved to be social creatures, our genes have evolved to be selfish
- If a human is not threatened, they will be more social then selfish
- Humans are not special, sentience is
- Souls do not exist as separate from the physical body
- Humans created God

## Beliefs about the Universe

- We share the universe with other intelligent life
- There are intelligent collective consciousnesses that we do not understand
- We have no cosmic significance. Other than that the cosmos is significant and we are part of it.

## Perceptions

- I have many implicit associations that lead to bias
- I have a slight automatic preference for people that look like me
- I am susceptible to many cognitive biases and logical fallacies
- I will continue to identify my biases and challenge my perceptions

## Predictions

### Before 2020

- Self driving vehicles will be common

### Before 2030

- Human driven vehicles will be uncommon (driven partly by the cost of insurance and an increase in the value of human life)
- Deurbanisation will occur as proximity to cities becomes less important with new technology like self driving vehicles and augmented reality
- Pedestrian will reclaim downtown areas from cars

### Before 2040

- Road rules will no longer be necessary
- The United States will not be the dominate world power
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