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%%-*- mode: erlang -*-
{fail_on_warning, false}.
{cover_enabled, false}.
{edoc_opts, [{preprocess, true}]}.
%{eunit_exclude_deps, true}.
{eunit_opts, [{verbose, true}, {skip_deps, true}]}.
%% Whether to print coverage report to console. Default is `false'
{cover_print_enabled, false}.
%% Option to pass extra parameters when launching Common Test
%{ct_extra_params, "-boot start_sasl -s application start log4erl"}.
% added deps in lib_dirs to enable them in tests
{lib_dirs, ["deps", "../"]}.
{sub_dirs, ["rel"]}.
{plugins, [rebar_scm_plugin]}.
{scm, {svn, "http://www.some/svn/trunk"}}.
%{deps, [
% {rebar, "2", {git, "git://"}}