Simple implementation of kademlia routing protocol.
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A customizable implementation of kademlia DHT protocol in java.


Kademlia uses gradle with java plugin for typical java build operations and a typical gradle workflow will build this project. Below is explanation of some idiosyncrasies. READ them before trying to use this library.

dfuntesting dependency

Temporarily kademlia directly depends on dfuntest library for testing. Unfortunately it's not published anywhere and currently is only a project on Github. This WILL be changed in the future, but for now it is required to include it into gradle multiproject build. Assuming kademlia repository is in workspace/kademlia and it's the current directory run the following:

  • cd ../
  • clone dfuntesting from github's gregorias/dfuntesting
  • touch settings.gradle; echo < "include 'dfuntesting', 'kademlia'"

copyAllDependencies task

Run ./gradlew copyAllDependencies' to copy all kademlia dependencies intolib` directory.

Build basic kademlia application with REST interface

Kademlia comes with REST interface running on Grizzly HTTP server. To build this run:

./gradlew jar

build/libs/kademlia.jar file should be created. This jar already comes with manifest which expects all dependent jars to be present in lib directory.

To run this application use: java -jar kademlia.jar resources/config/kademlia.xml