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examples of spring framework
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examples of spring-framework from

To Build :
    Change to the sub project root directory, and issue the mvn package command.
    >cd <sub-project-root>
    >mvn package 

TroubleShooting :

  Problem : 
      STS gives an error, "Dynamic Web Module 3.0 requires Java 1.6 or newer”

  Solution :
      1) Check that your project is configured to use Java 1.7.
          Right click your project > Properties > Java Compiler and set “Compiler compliance level” to 1.7.
      2) Next select Project Facets > Java and set its version to 1.7
          If you didn’t find 1.7, add it to eclipse :
          Navigate to eclipse Preferences > Java > Installed JREs, click Add, and locate your installed Java path.
      3) Open your project’s pom.xml and add this plugin tag

      4) Finally, right click on your project > Maven > Update Project…
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