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Name: HsOpenSSL
-Synopsis: (Incomplete) OpenSSL binding for Haskell
+Synopsis: Partial OpenSSL binding for Haskell
HsOpenSSL is an OpenSSL binding for Haskell. It can generate RSA
and DSA keys, read and write PEM files, generate message digests,
sign and verify messages, encrypt and decrypt messages. It has
also some capabilities of creating SSL clients and servers.
- Please note that this project has started at the time when there
- were no pure-Haskell implementations of TLS. Now there is tls
- package (<>), which looks
- pretty saner than HsOpenSSL especially for initialisation and
- error handlings. So PHO (the initial author of HsOpenSSL) wants to
- encourage you to use and improve the tls package instead as long
- as possible. The only problem is that the tls package has not
- received as much review as OpenSSL from cryptography specialists
- yet, thus we can't assume it's secure enough.
+ This package is in production use by a number of Haskell based
+ systems and stable. You may also be interested in the @tls@ package,
+ <>, which is a pure Haskell
+ implementation of SSL.
License: PublicDomain

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