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A program to generate OSX installer files for Cabal libraries (Haskell Platform)

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This is (will be) a tool to turn cabal libraries into Macintosh packages.


Cabal2macpkg currently will build a .pkg file from a .cabal library. The next step (not started yet) will be to provide a mode that will read a .cabal file, recursively make .pkg files out of all of its dependencies, and package them all up into a .mpkg file.

Rough outline of the .pkg process

  1. find a .cabal file in the current working directory
  2. run "cabal build; cabal haddock" into a staging area
  3. run "cabal register --gen-script" to generate a registration script that will be run by the OS X installer
  4. turn the staging area into a mac package file using the OS X developer tools

A consequence of this quick n' dirty approach is that in order to build the installer for a cabal package, you need to have already installed all of its dependencies on the build machine.

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