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Please add a method to update a value in place #6

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I would like to update a value stored in a hashtable. The unordered-containers package provides methods like insertWith to do this, but the hashtable package unfortunately doesn't. The only way to update a value in place seems to be to do a lookup followed by an insert, but this strikes me as unnecessarily inefficient. Or am I missing something terribly obvious?


Had the same thought, looking for an insertWith. Thanks.

As a driver for this, my code with insertWith using HashMap is barely any different in performance than using the mutable version here.


I'd even suggest to add a generalized update operation that allows to handle the following use-cases:

  • a way to communicate to the caller whether an entry existed for the key
  • to allow conditional updates (i.e. update only if the the key existed)
  • a way to communicate the previously stored value to the caller
  • conditionally delete an entry

This would lead to a type-signature of the following style:

updateEntry :: (Eq k, Hashable k) => h s k v -> k -> (Maybe v -> (Maybe v,a)) -> ST s a

where the Maybe v would encode the existence of the entry before and after the update.

PS: This is inspired by the Data.Map.alter operation


Looks reasonable to me. Anyone want to have a go at implementing it? :)


Here's a more concrete pseudo-implementation to demonstrate the semantics I had in mind:

updateEntry ht k op = do
    mv <- HT.lookup ht k

    case op mv of
        (Nothing, r) -> do
            unless (isNothing mv) $
                HT.delete ht k
            return r

        (Just v, r) -> do
            HT.insert ht k v
            return r

@hvr: yes, semantically this would be ok but it shouldn't be implemented this way. We should lookup the slot and do the modify/delete in place (delete or insert would do the lookup twice).


+1, I'm missing a way how to get the old value overwritten by insert without an additional lookup. The suggested updateEntry sounds like an ideal solution.

Or perhaps a lens-like generalization:

updateEntry :: (Eq k, Hashable k, Traversable f)
            => h s k v -> k -> (Maybe v -> f (Maybe v)) -> ST s (f ())

It would be really great to have an update-in-place. I have verified that when I changed my code using immutable hashtables (from unordered-containers) to use this mutable API, having to look up and then reinsert basically doubled the time, and so I went back to the immutable for performance!


@ppetr re: traversable, in a library like this we're going to stick with the monomorphic :)

I also propose "mutate" as the function name. "alter" would work also.
Enough people want this, but hashtables is number 3 in my project queue (at best) right now. I don't have time to work on this issue but here is broadly what is needed, in this order:

  • add mutate to the typeclass
  • write failing unit tests for mutate
  • implement mutate for the three hashtable implementations, tests go green (and coverage 100%). Separate CLs would be preferred for each (and easier to review).

I've done the first two items (adding mutate to typeclass and writing a failing unit test), but I don't have time to work on it further right now. If you want to send pull requests please send them to the "mutate" branch I just uploaded to github.

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