Scripts to build the haskell platform OSX installer
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Uninstall GHC

This stuff is a mess but it's improving, despite my cosmic psychic battle with Apple's demonic engineers.


  • install cabal2macpkg:

  • zap your GHC install: "sudo /Library/Frameworks/GHC.framework/Tools/Uninstaller"

  • "rm -Rf ~/.ghc ~/.cabal" (just to make sure)

  • install a fresh GHC binary package

  • make sure cabal-install is installed, run "cabal update"

  • run "sudo make" -- this will dump a bunch of .pkg files into a subdirectory of build/.

  • Using Apple's GUI packagemaker tool, package those up along with the "pkg/hp-postflight.pkg" file (make sure that one goes last!) into a haskell-platform-xxxx.w.y.z.pkg installer package.

  • build a .dmg file containing the GHC installer package and the platform installer package. If you can figure out how to bundle these together, PLEASE email me:

    There's an Illustrator file containing the background I've been using in the img/ directory (mostly cosmetic)

Good luck (you'll probably need it)!