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Hyena is a simple web application container that can be used to run
Haskell web applications behind more robust web servers like Apache.
+### Prerequisites
+Make sure you read the [Haskell Style Guide] [1].
+The existing code doesn't follow the style guide fully but you should
+follow it for all new code.
+### Creating patches
+The preferred way of contributing changes to the project is to use Git
+and send the patches over email using the Git commands `format-patch`
+and `send-email`. Step by step instructions:
+Clone the repository:
+ git clone
+Make your changes:
+ cd hyena
+ $EDITOR <file>
+Commit your changes in one or more commits:
+ git add <file>
+ git commit
+Make sure you write a good commit message. Commit messages should
+contain a short summary on a separate line and, if needed, a more
+thorough explanation of the change. Write full sentences and use
+proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. See
+[A Note About Git Commit Messages] [2] for more information.
+You might want to use `git rebase` to make sure your commits
+correspond to nice, logical commits. Make sure whitespace only
+changes are kept in separate commits to ease reviewing.
+Prepare the e.g. last five patches for sending:
+ git format-patch -5 -n
+This will create one patch file per patch.
+ git send-email --to <maintainer> <patch files>
+The maintainer is specified in the Cabal file. The maintainer will
+review your changes and may ask you to make changes to them. Make the
+changes to your local repository and use `git rebase` to massage them
+into nice, logical commits and resend the patches.

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