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go package implements a round-trip pattern for http requests
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trip - implements a round-trip pattern for http requests

Quick start

go get

The round-trip pattern

A round-trip pattern is basically

  1. Prepare trip
  2. Execute
  3. Optionally parse response

Other descriptions that fit this pattern would be remote procedure call(RPC), which http requests are of sorts. With this package the steps inbetween are abstracted and you get to write more go idomatic code. I designed this package in a way that resembles os.exec

Prepare trip

request := http.NewRequest("GET", "/", nil)
cmd := trip.NewCommand(request)

Do the trip

statusCode, err := cmd.Run()
// or if you want the response parsed
err := cmd.Output(&model)

When to use

When you talk to remote services and need to only vary parts of the flow, ie. an API has changed and requires a new parameter, then you only have to modify the part that builds your request. Hopefully it's easier to maintain a backwards compatible client for a constantly changing remote service.

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