django-pubtools is a helper library for creating publishable django models.
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django-pubtools is a helper library for creating publishable django models.

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Extend the AbstractPublishableModel class to create a publishable model class.

  • Publishable content can be in either draft, preview, or published status.
  • Draft content may be previewed on the site by a logged-in staff member
  • Preview content may be previewed publicly, via a special url


pip install django-pubtools

Example implementation

from django.db import models
import pubtools.models

class Article(pubtools.models.AbstractPublishableModel):
    title = models.CharField(max_length=100)

from django.http import HttpResponse
from .models import Article

def article(request, id):
    # pass the request to enable staff preview
    articles = Article.objects.published(request)
    article = articles.get(id=id)
    return HttpResponse(article.title)

from django.contrib import admin
from baseclasses.admin import PublishableModelAdminMixin

from .models import Article

class ArticleAdmin(PublishableModelAdminMixin, admin.ModelAdmin):
    list_display = ('title', 'pub_status', )



Model fields
  • created (datetime, set on creation)
  • last_updated (datetime, updated on save)
  • pub_date (date)
  • pub_status (one of draft, review or published)
Model methods
  • published (property) return True if the instance is published
  • get_prev_published(qs=None, loop=False) get previous published instance
  • get_next_published(qs=None, loop=False) get next published instance


Manager/queryset methods
  • published(self, request=None) If request is passed, and a preview status flag is in request.GET, then check if the user is a staff member, and return objects with the requested status if so. Otherwise, return only published objects.


  • Overrides view_on_site to add a flag to urls for draft/preview content.
  • Adds a "Publish selected" action to the admin