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1 parent 83ceaf3 commit 9a896e207570e915d655ac5951dfe1bc2cc2b94d Greg Rahn committed Jun 20, 2011
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@@ -1,11 +1,12 @@
## as of June 17th there are 39 pages of proposals sorted by title
+## as of June 19th there are 41 pages of proposals sorted by title
## see to determine this value
cd proposal_abstracts
rm *.html
-for i in {1..39}
+for i in {1..41}
curl -o $i.html "${i}&sort=title"
@@ -393,3 +393,17 @@
11278|"1+1=12: A Look At Migration vs. Consolidation"|79172
11279|"User Panel: Global ERP Implementations, Lessons Learnt (Multi-National SIG)"|138668
11280|"Successful R12.1.2 Upgrade /Improvements in Inventory Valuation "|138750
+11281|" CRM users can all be a stewards of data quality, with ease!"|40011
+11282|"Data Quality On Demand must accommodate imprecision – what’s the solution? "|40011
+11283|"CRM On Demand User - Importance of Data Quality"|40011
+11284|" Data Quality in the Cloud - Benefits for End Users"|40011
+11285|"CRM Analytics with Data Quality and Artificial Intelligence - Future of"|40011
+11286|"How to create customized OS with distro-const on Solaris 11"|137861
+11287|"Implementing IDM in Higher Education - A Case Study"|129535
+11288|"Implementing IDM in Higher Education - A Case Study"|129535
+11289|"Oracle Fusion Applications Primer"|49090
+11290|"Addressing Master Data Quality in R12 implementations for maximizing ROI"|49090
+11291|"Oracle Middleware and Value Chain Planning"|138939
+11292|"Data Integration for SAP: The Oracle Way"|138939
+11293|"Building a future platform using Oracle technologies-Challenges"|138955
+11294|"Data Integration for SAP: The Oracle Way"|134966
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