Reprap FW with look ahead. SDcard and LCD support. It works on Gen6, Ultimaker, RAMPS and Sanguinololu
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Marlin 3D Printer Firmware

Documentation has moved to

Development Branch

Not for production use – use with caution!

The Development branch contains the most up-to-date Marlin code. When reporting any issues, please check to see if they are resolved in this branch first. But let us know if issues exist in tagged releases so that we can document and patch them.

There is now also an "Integration" branch which will be used in development to migrate changes for wider testing from the Development branch on their way to Release. It's a nascent branch, so for now please rely on Development and Release for issues and features under most active discussion.

For the latest tagged version of Marlin (currently 1.0.2 – January 2015) you should switch to the Release branch.

Current Status: Bug Fixing

Marlin development is being accelerated to catch up with a long list of issues. Check the Issues and Pull Requests links on the right to to see what we are currently working on.

Coverity Scan Build Status Travis Build Status Wiki Page


Google Hangout: . Hangout We have a hangout every 2 weeks. Search the issue list for "Hangout" and you will see what time and date the next event is going on.


The current Marlin dev team consists of:

  • Scott Lahteine [@thinkyhead] - English
  • Andreas Hardtung [@AnHardt]
  • [@Wurstnase]
  • [@fmalpartida] - English, Spanish
  • [@CONSULitAS]
  • [@maverikou]
  • Chris Palmer [@nophead]
  • [@paclema]
  • [@epatel]
  • Erik van der Zalm [@ErikZalm]
  • David Braam [@daid]
  • Bernhard Kubicek [@bkubicek]

More features have been added by:

  • Alberto Cotronei [@MagoKimbra]
  • Lampmaker,
  • Bradley Feldman,
  • and others...


Marlin is published under the GPL license because We believe in open development. Do not use this code in products (3D printers, CNC etc) that are closed source or are crippled by a patent.

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