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A mediawiki theme that integrate the fluid Infusion UIOptions component
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Mediawiki UIOptions Theme Readme

This is a Mediawiki theme based on monobook theme that implements the Fluid Infusion UIOptions component.
UIOptions allows users to dynamically modify text sizes, colour, fonts, colour schemes etc. to
make the UI easier to see. For more about Fluid Infusion's UIOptions visit the Web site at:

1. Download the theme and unpack it into the Mediawiki skins directory to create a Floe2 skin directory
2. Within the Floe2 theme directory copy the following files into the skins root directory

cp moveme/Floe2.php ../
cp moveme/Floe2.deps.php ../

3. Login to Mediawiki and in your Preferences choose Appearance, then select Floe2 as your theme.

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