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debb814 @gregs1104 Merge updates from Matthew Harrison.
1 0.9.0 2009-01-26 Initial release. Original method for sizing memory parameters
2 based on a model developed by Josh Berkus.
4 0.9.1 2009-10-28 Fix some blatant compilation errors under some code paths
6 0.9.2 2009-10-28 Fix bug in handling of manual memory entry (reported by
7 Diego Plentz). Correctly handle "=" signs in the settings
8 values. (reported by Marcin Stepnicki). Include sample
9 postgresql.conf file to insert difficult cases into for
10 regression testing purposes.
12 0.9.3 2009-10-29 Detect directory with settings file in it, but allow override.
13 Add RPM building .spec file from Devrim Gunduz
15 2010-01-23 Major refactoring by Matt Harrison to clean up code
16 legibility, conformance to Python standards, and add
17 doctests.
bafdbd9 @gregs1104 Fix various README issues
19 2010-03-29 Corrections to README (reported by Peter Fischer)
b681c62 @gregs1104 Remove tuning attempt on constraint_exclusion due to late 8.4 changes
21 New 2011-05-08 Label tuned section of the output file more cleanly.
22 Remove tuning attempt on constraint_exclusion due to late 8.4 changes
23 Update default_statistics_target to final 8.4 values
24 Allow a single input parameter to be considered the input config file
effa8dd Initial support for PostgreSQL 9.1
Greg Smith authored
25 Add settings files for 9.0 and 9.1 on 64 bit platforms
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