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0.9.0 2009-01-26 Initial release. Original method for sizing memory parameters
based on a model developed by Josh Berkus.
0.9.1 2009-10-28 Fix some blatant compilation errors under some code paths
0.9.2 2009-10-28 Fix bug in handling of manual memory entry (reported by
Diego Plentz). Correctly handle "=" signs in the settings
values. (reported by Marcin Stepnicki). Include sample
postgresql.conf file to insert difficult cases into for
regression testing purposes.
0.9.3 2009-10-29 Detect directory with settings file in it, but allow override.
Add RPM building .spec file from Devrim Gunduz
2010-01-23 Major refactoring by Matt Harrison to clean up code
legibility, conformance to Python standards, and add
2010-03-29 Corrections to README (reported by Peter Fischer)
New 2011-05-08 Label tuned section of the output file more cleanly.
Remove tuning attempt on constraint_exclusion due to late 8.4 changes
Update default_statistics_target to final 8.4 values
Allow a single input parameter to be considered the input config file
Add settings files for 9.0 and 9.1 on 64 bit platforms
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