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BUG FIX: #35 - Overhaul JsonPath parsing to eliminate reference to Manatee.StateMachine.
BUG FIX: #10 - Add support for quoted keys in JsonPath.
BUG FIX: #13 - Issues with tests running concurrently.
Added missing extension methods for constructing JsonPaths.
Updated Array() and SearchArray() methods to accept params of Slice objects.
Added implicit cast from int to Slice to support new Array() and SearchArray() methods.
Obsoleted ArraySlice() and SearchArraySlice() methods to avoid breaking change.
Overrode Add() and AddRange() methods in JsonArray to coalesce null to JsonValue.Null.
Side effect: Created JSON Path Test Suite. All tests pass.

Greg Dennis added some commits Sep 12, 2016
Greg Dennis Removed existing path parsing logic.
Added new logic for start, object, and search operators.
Added unit tests to support path parsing.
Removed reference to Manatee.StateMachine!

Related issues: #10, #35
Greg Dennis Added indexed array parsing. 2a2173f
Greg Dennis Added wildcard array parser.
Updated namespace for Slice.
Fixed indexed array parser to accept negatives and partial slices.
Greg Dennis Added searching indexed array parser.
Added Equals() to all the things!
Added XML comments.
Added expression array parsers.  Still need expression parsing.
Added missing search array extension methods.
Greg Dennis Added simple expression parsers. 7239156
Greg Dennis Added equality on expressions.
Added a few expression parsers.
Greg Dennis I've seen the light. 8731c08
Greg Dennis Added array and hasproperty expression parsing.
Updated HasProperty to path expression.
Greg Dennis Added Name() to indexed expression options.
Updated ExclusiveOr expression type to function as Exponent operator.
Overrode item addition methods in JsonArray to replace null with JsonValue.Null.
Greg Dennis Added parsers for not and or expressions. 1ec2e2c
Greg Dennis Added grouped expression parsing. 4ac7ab6
Greg Dennis Removed the ExclusiveOr expression type mapping to exponentiation as …
…it doesn't prioritize right with C# and is confusing.

Added more tests.
BUG FIX: #13 - Issues with tests running concurrently.
Greg Dennis Added a lot more individual tests.
Submoduled schema test suite directory.
Added submodule for path test suite.
Greg Dennis Remaining changes from previous commit. 8907fb5
Greg Dennis Passing test suite.
Need negative parser tests.
Greg Dennis Added filter expression parse tests that use evaluation. fe9aafa
Greg Dennis Fixed obsolete extension methods to properly call newer ones. 1b179f6
Greg Dennis Added apache documentation.
Removed remaining references to StateMachine.
@gregsdennis gregsdennis self-assigned this Sep 21, 2016
@gregsdennis gregsdennis merged commit 899914b into master Sep 21, 2016
@gregsdennis gregsdennis deleted the path-reparse branch Sep 21, 2016
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