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What is json-everything?

The primary philosophy behind json-everything is to ensure that common JSON functionality has good support in the System.Text.Json space.

The first step to that is checking whether there exist other projects that support a given function.

If so, that effort likely won't be duplicated here. A bit farther down you'll find a list of other projects that are doing some cool things with JSON.

Otherwise, it's open to consideration for this project.

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What's in the box?

There are actually multiple boxes. Each piece of functionality has been broken out into its own library, so you can pick and choose the one(s) that you need.

All libraries are built to .Net Standard 2.0 and .Net 8.

NuGet versionNuGet version
JSON Schema, drafts 6 and higher
NuGet versionNuGet version
Generation of schemas from .Net types
NuGet versionNuGet version
Schema generation support for System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.
NuGet versionNuGet version
Random instance data generation (powered by Bogus)
NuGet versionNuGet version
A vocabulary for accessing instance and external data
NuGet versionNuGet version
A vocabulary for extending array validation
NuGet versionNuGet version
OpenApi 3.1 vocabulary extension (used by Graeae)
NuGet versionNuGet version
JSON Path (RFC 9535)
NuGet versionNuGet version
JSON Patch (RFC 6902)
NuGet versionNuGet version
JSON Pointer (RFC 6901) and Relative JSON Pointer (Specification)
NuGet versionNuGet version
JsonLogic (Website)
NuGet versionNuGet version
JSON-e (Website)
NuGet versionNuGet version
General-use extensions that probably should have been included in System.Text.Json[.Nodes] but weren't
NuGet versionNuGet version
Conversions between the YAML document model in YamlDotNet and JsonNode (both directions).

All of the above libraries offer complete support for their associated specifications.

Error message translations for JsonSchema.Net available in:

  • Italian it
  • Norwegian nb-NO
  • Polish pl-PL
  • Russian ru
  • Spanish es
  • Swedish sv-SE
  • Turkish tr-TR

NOTE Each language pack is provided by its own Nuget package.

You can also view JSON Schema Test Suite results on Bowtie, which runs the test suite against multiple implementations across different platforms.

DISCLAIMER My library, JsonSchema.Net, is not related to or associated with the website, except that they are both excellent JSON Schema tools.

Deprecated packages

These packages have also been a part of this suite but are no longer supported.

NuGet versionNuGet version
Generation of C# code from schemas Deprecated in favor of Corvus.JsonSchema

System.Text.Json support by other projects

If you don't find what you're looking for here, please try one of these excellent projects:

If you use JSON to do something that is not covered by a library in this suite or one of the above projects, feel free to create a feature issue.

If you maintain or know of another project that extends System.Text.Json to do cool things, I'd like to list it here, so please create a general issue to let me know about it.


Please see the Code of Conduct and the CONTRIBUTING file for more information.