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Version 1.0.2:
- No code changes
- Fixed problem with gem dependencies
Version 1.0.1:
- Added support for Arel 2, which is required by ActiveRecord >= 3.0.3
Version 1.0.0:
- Added #to_sym for generated enumeration class. #value is deprecated.
- Raises ArgumentError when assigning, or querying, with a symbol that is
not part of the enumeration
- A value of nil in underlying attribute results in a nil value for the
- Assigning nil to the enumeration results in a value of nil for the underlying
Version 0.5.0:
- Default name of underlying attribute can be overridden with the :attribute
- Internal cleanup: removed some unnecessary code and patching for Rails 3
Version 0.4.0:
- MetaWhere interoperability
- Tested with Rails 3.0.0
Version 0.3.1:
- Re-release of 0.3.0 to pick up missed files
Version 0.3.0:
- Support for Rails 3.0.0.rc2
- NOTE: no longer compatible with Rails 3.0.0.rc
Version 0.2.2:
- Cosmetic change: simply gemfile description
Version 0.2.1:
- Support for JRuby 1.5.1
- Support for ActiveRecord 2.3.8
Version 0.2.0:
- Support for Arel predicates
Version 0.1.0:
- Initial release
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