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Experimental ES6 WebGL engine
JavaScript GLSL Shell
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This repo is no longer being maintained. It was a really fun experiment, but I prefer regl nowadays.

This project was an experimental ES6 WebGL engine built on It tried to combine the small-repo / big-repo philosophies together providing an easy to use environment. The API is built to be composable with the magnificent tools on NPM, while opinionated and centralized in a way to get things done quickly. It's built to be friendly for new users to hack on right away, but provide the raw power needed for expert uses. Shader code will be a first class citizen in the API.

Note on Name Change

As of Feb. 8, Glam Engine was renamed to gl-engine. There was already an excellent WebGL project called glam and I didn't realize it when I was reserving the name on npm. After some confusion I decided to rename this project.

Dive In

Example Code

import Bunny from 'bunny'
import { Mesh, PerspectiveCamera, FlatMaterial, Scene, Geometry, Engine } from 'gl-engine'

Engine(function onReady(engine, scene) {
  var camera = PerspectiveCamera()
  var material = FlatMaterial({ color : [0.1,0.3,0.4] })
  var geometry = Geometry(Bunny)
  var mesh = Mesh(geometry, material)


  mesh.position[1] = -5
  camera.position[2] = 20

  engine.on('update', function(e) {
    mesh.euler[0] = e.elapsed * 0.0001
    mesh.euler[1] = e.elapsed * 0.001

Then you will get a spinning flat bunny.


  • Phong shading
  • Optimize and order shader calls
  • Textures
  • Travis CI
  • Live examples
  • Morphs
  • Skeletons
  • Post Processing
  • And more...

Completed Features

  • Camera improvements & controls - v2.0.0
  • Scene graph - v1.0.0
  • Cache and share shaders
  • Lambert shading
  • Directional lighting
  • Normal Color augmentation
  • Fog augmentation
  • Basic testing setup
  • Basic documentation in place
  • Basic working example with a flat material
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