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Experimental Kernel for Sharp Zaurus C3x00 series

Kernel 4.9-rc3

  •   boot.cfg is example only for use with kexecboot.
    You will need to adjust your root= accordingly
  •   The is an experimental release. Please post issues or suggestions on

v0.2 Change Log

  •   Set USB power level to 180mA (not sure this actually works)
  •   Reverted PCMCIA regulator additions by moving soc_common.c/h to 4.6.7 version
    This fixes the issue around the CF card not being initialized automatically if not present during boot.

v0.1 Change Log

  •   SPI PXA2xx driver was reverted to 4.6.7 version
  •   IPV6, ALSA and some filesystems are modules again instead of compiled into the kernel
  •   F2FS was added
  •   SECCOMP enabled as required by systemd
  •   Online charging may work again. This needs some testing.
    Replug the power cord after a boot brings the charging LED on
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