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This repo serves as a master collection of all my dotfiles. Each grouping has its own folder here. The install script will install all of the dotfiles in each folder to the home folder when run.


Homebrew Install & dependencies:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew install wget python tmux node jq fzf
brew install ffmpeg --with-libvpx
npm install -g diff2html-cli
pip install youtube_dl

Some aliases might not work without certain things installed, but it'll be pretty obvious. My tmux settings require tmux (brew install tmux), and [bin files from James Tomasino] ( to be installed somewhere in the path.

You probably want ruby 1.9.3+, python 2.7+, and php 7+, & Vim 7.4 installed.


From cloned git repo folder:

$ ./install


From anywhere:

$ shellupdate


Most stuff is from [] (James Tomasino), but a lot of the aliases and functions are ripped off from around the web.

Function List

Shortcut Functions

cdf - Change directory to current finder window
f - open current terminal directory in finder.
~ - Go home
path - Echos all executable paths     
z {Folder name} - Autocompletes path using the folder name. Learns as navigate using terminal. Type z and Doc and it will autocomplete to Document folder.
extract - automatically unzips file based on extension.
old {file name} - appends .old to the file name.
battery - Outputs battery percentage left.
flatten - Flattens files from subdirectories into current directory. If files already exist, you'll be prompted to decide if you want to overwrite or not.
update - Updates brew, ruby, gisty, and pip
zipf {folder} - Creates zip from folder
tree - Generates a tree view from the current directory
fext {extension} - Recursively searches for all files with the matching extension using the function findfilesbyextension
dext  {extension} - Recursively deletes files with the specified extension using the function deletefilesbyextension
.. - Up one directory
... - Up two directories
.... - Up three directories
..... - Up four directories
...... - Up five directories
up {#} - Pass # and it'll let you go up that number of directories (i.e. up 6)
please - Run previous command as sudo
pathadd - Add to path
pathrm - Remove from path
cls - Clears the screen followed by ls
mkcd {Folder Name} - Make directory and cd into it
l = ls -GFla


members - Outputs all members of admin group
confirm - Prompts confirmation message before proceeding. Useful for embedding in other functions.
systemupdate - updates the mac system, brew, and brew installed software
update - Get OS X Software Updates, and update installed Ruby gems, Homebrew, npm, and their installed packages
hibernate - Ubuntu Only
lock - locks the system when you're walking away


server - spins up simple server in the current folder on terminal and opens in default browser
phpserver - spins up simple server with php support
netserver - spins up server with .NET support using mono
cdfs - changes to current folder in finder and spins up simple server
linkapache {source path} {name} - Assumes you have MAMP installed - creates a symlink for the source path with the name in the htdocs folder in MAMP's apache folder.
imgsz {image filepath} - Returns height and width of image file.
diff - generates side by side comparison of changes before committing


lazygit "{Commit Message}" - My favorite shortcut for git. Adds all changes, commits it with the message you specify, and pushes to the current branch.
gs - equivilant of git status
gitexport - Creates an export from git without the git files. Useful for deployment or sending to a vendor.
parse_git_branch - Return current git branch
gitstaged - Return number of staged files in folder
gitmodified - Return number of modified files in folder
gituntracked - Return number of untracked files in folder
gitpullall - Pulls all remotes
gitoops - useful if you just pushed some code and realised you missed something
gitsquash - squashes history


latencyavg {# of times to run} {URL} - Runs the # of times specified and returns the average latency of given URL 



cleanup - Deletes .DS_Store and .thumbs files from current folder
reload - reloads bash without exiting terminal
shellupdate - updates dot files to latest

emptytrash - Empties trash
lock - locks computer
ss - activates screensaver
dext {file filename} - deletefilesbyextension
fext {file extension} - findfilesbyextension
f - opens current folder in finder window
numFiles - Counts non-hidden files in folder
cpu_hogs - displays applications with high CPU usage

db - Switches to dropbox folder
dl - Switches to downloads folder
dt - Switches to desktop folder


pubkey - copies ssh key to clipboard
cpwd - copies current path to clipboard
c - Clears the clipboard of any new lines (\n)
cl - Copy output of last command to clipboard
cwd - Copies current terminal path to clipboard
pubkey - Pipe public key to my clipboard.
prikey - Pipe private key to my clipboard.


myip - Public facing IP Address
netCons - Show all open TCP/IP sockets
flushDNS - Flush out the DNS Cache
lsock - Display open sockets
lsockU - Display only open UDP sockets
lsockT - Display only open TCP sockets
ipInfo0 - Get info on connections for en0
ipInfo1 - Get info on connections for en1
openPorts - All listening connections
showBlocked - All ipfw rules inc/ blocked IPs
httpstatuscode {url} - outputs http status code for url
whois - Enhanced WHOIS lookups


usage - Grabs the disk usage in the current directory
totalusage - Gets the total disk usage on your machine
partusage - Shows the individual partition usages without the temporary memory values
most - Gives you what is using the most space. Both directories and files. Varies on current directory
show - Show hidden files in Finder
hide - Hide hidden files in Finder
hidedesktop - Hide all desktop icons (useful when presenting)
showdesktop - Show all desktop icons (useful when presenting)
cleanupLS - Clean up LaunchServices to remove duplicates in the "Open With" menu

stfu - mutes volume
pumpitup - max volume (7) when you need to drown out everything
headphone - sets volume to 4 which is my personal preference  


apacheEdit - Edit httpd.conf
apacheRestart - Restart Apache
editHosts - Edit /etc/hosts file
herr - Tails HTTP error logs
apacheLogs - Shows apache error logs
httpHeaders - Grabs headers from web page
urlencode - URL-encode strings

Assumes you have the required browsers installed (or you get a file not found error):

ff - Opens a new instance of Firefox for development testing
chrome - Opens a new instance of Chrome for development testing
opera - Opens a new instance of opera for development testing

Internet Services

Shortcuts to various internet services

getmp3 - Pass in the youtube URL and youtube-dl will download the mp3
hibp - Pass e-mail see if email is in the Have I Been Pwned database
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