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update README documentation: jquery site down

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@@ -2,12 +2,20 @@
- jquery plugin for filtering table rows
+# alternatives
+This plugin is very light-weight (please [look at the source]( I consider it finished, and have no plans to add any features. It works quickly for small data sets without consuming any extra memory (that would be needed for faster filtering).
+I often use the [DataTables]( plugin when I have greater table needs.
## download
click Download link at bottom of:
+That link seems to be broken now.
+You can simply download the [latest code from github](
## source code
@@ -33,7 +41,7 @@ this is a nice example that ties this plugin with the tablesorter plugin
## usage
- t = $('table')
+ var t = $('table')
$.uiTableFilter( t, phrase )
@@ -51,4 +59,5 @@ optional arguments:
## Warning:
* expects a thead and tbody element

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