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+#### ChNil - ChibiOS/Nil Arduino Library
+This is the initial release of a much improved version of ChibiOS/Nil.
+I am starting a new repository since this version is not backward
+compatible with the NilRTOS library.
+I have done some testing with an Uno and a little with a Mega but
+more bugs are likely since I needed to modify core parts of the RTOS.
+ChNil is a tiny RTOS library for AVR Arduino boards.
+The base code for ChNil was written by Giovanni Di Sirio, the author
+of ChibiOS/Nil and ChibiOS/RT.
+The code is version 2.0.0 from a recent, Jan 2017, trunk version of ChibiOS.
+The API is considerably different than the original version of Nil. It is
+now very much like ChibiOS/RT.
+If you are installing from GitHub repo zips, rename the folder ChNil
+before copying it to your Arduino/libraries folder.
+Please read ChNil.htlm for more information. See the Examples section
+of the html documentation.
+Start with the ChNilBlink example which is traditional for almost every RTOS.
+ChibiOS/Nil now has event flags, mailboxes, memory pools and other new features.
+Try the examples that illustrate these features.
+I have added chAnalogRead(), a version of analogRead() that sleeps while
+the AVR ADC is busy.
+You can check stack use with chFillStacks(), chPrintStackSizes(),
+and chPrintUnusedStack().
+chTimer1Start(), chTimer1Wait(), and chTimer1Stop() allow a thread to
+run at microsecond intervals. See the ChNilSdLogger.ino for an example.
+ChNilSerial is a very small unbuffered replacement for Arduino Serial.
+The TwiMaster library, in the extras folder, is a I2C library that
+sleeps while an I2C transfer takes place.
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