ChibiOS/RT for Arduino AVR, SAMD, Due, Teensy 3.x.
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ChRt - ChibiOS/RT Arduino Library

This is the initial release of an improved version of ChibiOS-Arduino. I am starting a new repository since this version is not backward compatible with the previous library. Both AVR and ARM are now in a single library.

I have done some testing with an Uno, Zero, Due, and Teensy 3.6 but bugs are still likely.

The base code for ChRt was written by Giovanni Di Sirio, the author of ChibiOS/Nil and ChibiOS/RT.

The code is version 4.0.0 of ChibiOS/RT from a recent, 17.6, version of ChibiOS.

If you are installing from GitHub repo zips, rename the folder ChRt before copying it to your Arduino/libraries folder.

Please read doc/ChRt.html for more information. See the Examples section of the html documentation.

Start with the ChBlink example which is traditional for almost every RTOS.