Arduino FAT16/FAT32 Library
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The Arduino SdFat library provides read/write access to FAT16/FAT32 file systems on SD/SDHC flash cards.

SdFat requires Arduino 1.6x or greater.

To use SdFat, clone the repository or unzip the ZIP file and place the SdFat folder into the libraries sub-folder in your main sketch folder.

For more information see the Manual installation section of this guide:

A number of configuration options can be set by editing SdFatConfig.h #define macros. See the html documentation for details

Read changes.txt if you have used previous releases of this library.

Please read the html documentation for this library. Start with html/index.html and read the Main Page. Next go to the Classes tab and read the documentation for the classes SdFat, SdBaseFile, SdFile, File, StdioStream, ifstream, ofstream, and others.

A new class, "File", has been added to provide compatibility with the Arduino SD.h library. To use SdFat with programs written for SD.h replace

#include <SD.h>

with these two lines:

#include "SdFat.h"
SdFat SD;

Please continue by reading the html documentation.

Updated 19 Jul 2016