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SdFat-Particle is a port of the SdFat library for Particle development boards.

The SdFat library provides read/write access to FAT16/FAT32 file systems on SD/SDHC flash cards.

SdFat for Particle supports fast DMA access for all SPI interfaces on Particle devices.

SdFat supports long filenames.


Download the SdFat-Particle-doc repository from GitHub.

Please read the html documentation in the html folder by opening SdFat.html.

Look at the classes tab for details about class member functions.


Please try the examples in the firmware/examples folder.

Start with the TryMeFirst example.

You can check the performance of your SD card with the bench example.

Here is a list of example files I have tested on P1/photon.

bench.cpp - Benchmark SD read/write speed.

DirectoryFunctions.cpp - Demonstrate chdir(), ls(), mkdir(), and rmdir().

LowLatencyLogger.cpp - High speed binary data logger.

OpenNext.cpp - Open all files in a directory.

ReadCsvArray.cpp - Function to read an array from a csv file.

ReadCsvFields.cpp - Function to read csv fields.

SdFormatter.cpp - Format an SD card according to the SD standard.

SdInfo.cpp - Display information about an SD card.

Timestamp.cpp - Shows how to time-stamp files.

TryMeFirst.cpp - A simple read/write example.

VolumeFreeSpace.cpp - Determine free space in a volume.