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module AWS
module EC2
class Base < AWS::Base
# This method returns historical information about spot prices.
# Amazon periodically sets the spot price for each instance type based on
# available capacity and current spot instance requests.
# @option options [Time] :start_time (nil)
# @option options [Time] :end_time (nil)
# @option options [String] :instance_type (nil)
# @option options [String] :product_description (nil)
def describe_spot_price_history( options = {} )
raise ArgumentError, ":start_time must be a Time object" unless options[:start_time].nil? || options[:start_time].kind_of?(Time)
raise ArgumentError, ":end_time must be a Time object" unless options[:end_time].nil? || options[:end_time].kind_of?(Time)
raise ArgumentError, ":instance_type must specify a valid instance type" unless options[:instance_type].nil? || ["t1.micro", "m1.small", "m1.large", "m1.xlarge", "m2.xlarge", "c1.medium", "c1.xlarge", "m2.2xlarge", "m2.4xlarge", "cc1.4xlarge", "cg1.4xlarge"].include?(options[:instance_type])
raise ArgumentError, ":product_description must be 'Linux/UNIX' or 'Windows'" unless options[:product_description].nil? || ["Linux/UNIX", "Windows"].include?(options[:product_description])
params = {}
params.merge!("StartTime" => options[:start_time].iso8601) if options[:start_time]
params.merge!("EndTime" => options[:end_time].iso8601) if options[:end_time]
params.merge!("InstanceType" => options[:instance_type]) if options[:instance_type]
params.merge!("ProductDescription" => options[:product_description]) if options[:product_description]
return response_generator(:action => "DescribeSpotPriceHistory", :params => params)
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