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GEM = "amazon-ec2"
VER = "0.2.15"
AUTHOR = "Glenn Rempe"
EMAIL = ""
SUMMARY = "An interface library that allows Ruby applications to easily connect to the HTTP 'Query API' for the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and manipulate cloud servers." do |s| = GEM
s.version = VER = AUTHOR = EMAIL
s.homepage = HOMEPAGE
s.summary = SUMMARY
s.description = s.summary
s.require_path = 'lib'
s.autorequire = 'EC2'
s.executables = ["ec2-gem-example.rb", "ec2sh", "setup.rb"]
# get this easily and accurately by running 'Dir.glob("{lib,test}/**/*")'
# in an IRB session. However, GitHub won't allow that command hence
# we spell it out.
s.files = ["README.rdoc", "LICENSE", "CHANGELOG", "Rakefile", "lib/EC2", "lib/EC2/availability_zones.rb", "lib/EC2/console.rb", "lib/EC2/elastic_ips.rb", "lib/EC2/exceptions.rb", "lib/EC2/image_attributes.rb", "lib/EC2/images.rb", "lib/EC2/instances.rb", "lib/EC2/keypairs.rb", "lib/EC2/products.rb", "lib/EC2/responses.rb", "lib/EC2/security_groups.rb", "lib/EC2.rb", "test/test_EC2.rb", "test/test_EC2_availability_zones.rb", "test/test_EC2_console.rb", "test/test_EC2_elastic_ips.rb", "test/test_EC2_image_attributes.rb", "test/test_EC2_images.rb", "test/test_EC2_instances.rb", "test/test_EC2_keypairs.rb", "test/test_EC2_products.rb", "test/test_EC2_responses.rb", "test/test_EC2_security_groups.rb", "test/test_helper.rb"]
s.test_files = ["test/test_EC2.rb", "test/test_EC2_console.rb", "test/test_EC2_elastic_ips.rb", "test/test_EC2_image_attributes.rb", "test/test_EC2_images.rb", "test/test_EC2_instances.rb", "test/test_EC2_keypairs.rb", "test/test_EC2_products.rb", "test/test_EC2_responses.rb", "test/test_EC2_security_groups.rb", "test/test_helper.rb"]
s.has_rdoc = true
s.rdoc_options = ["--quiet", "--title", "amazon-ec2 documentation", "--opname", "index.html", "--line-numbers", "--main", "README.rdoc", "--inline-source"]
s.extra_rdoc_files = ["README.rdoc", "CHANGELOG", "LICENSE"]
s.add_dependency 'xml-simple'
s.add_dependency 'mocha'
s.add_dependency 'test-spec'
s.add_dependency 'rcov'
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