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Updating Gemcutter to RubyGems.

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@@ -40,20 +40,11 @@ The following gems should be installed automatically as part of your install of
=== Install the amazon-ec2 gem (Canonical Release)
-This is the standard install for stable releases from Gemcutter.
- # Install the stable release gem from Gemcutter (one time only) ( learn more here : )
- sudo gem install gemcutter
- # Set Gemcutter to be your canonical gems source (one time only)
- sudo gem tumble
+This is the standard install for stable releases from RubyGems.
# Install the gem
sudo gem install amazon-ec2
- # OR if you want to skip the Gemcutter setup
- sudo gem install amazon-ec2 -s
=== Install from local Git clone (for amazon-ec2 developers)

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