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grempe committed Nov 21, 2010
1 parent 00c911d commit 65c2ef88f4fffd6f3620d3b659db40c244b1c567
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* added AWS::EC2::Base#get_password_data for GetPasswordData API (Windows instances)
* Fix #26. Raise an exception immediately if the response is a 5xx Server Error.
* Applied experimental CloudWatch Monitoring Patch by fred-secludit, removes limitations on which server to connect to, and better handles statistics and dimensions.
+ * Changed AWS::EC2::Instance from a module to a class to help along an experiment by bdigital
+ * Zarro open boogs. Zarro Open pull requests. W00t
=== 0.9.16 2010-07-07
* Less strict checking on which server endpoints you can pass in as an environment var.

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