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Welcome to the amazon-ec2 wiki!

How can I submit a patch or pull request?

Please follow these steps if you want to send a patch or a GitHub pull request:

  • Fork grempe/amazon-ec2
  • Create a topic branch: `git checkout -b my_fix`
  • Make sure you add tests for your changes and that they all pass with ‘rake test’
  • Don’t change files that you don’t own like the gemspec or VERSION
  • Commit your changes, one change/fix per commit
  • Push your fixes branch: `git push origin my_fix`
  • Open an Issue referencing your branch.
  • Please do not push to `master` on your fork. This will make everyone’s life easier.

Where can I browse the docs?

How do I Install it?

Please see the README.rdoc for current installation instructions.

Where do I file bug reports & feature requests?

Where can I discuss this gem with other developers?

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