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Magic Mirror Module displaying the last Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) picture
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Module: MMM-SolarPicture

This module displays the last Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) picture, including copyright.

The type of image displayed can be chosen or slideshow mode can be enabled. The max-height and max-width of the media can be fixed.

MMM-SolarPicture Screenshot #1 MMM-SolarPicture Screenshot #2 MMM-SolarPicture Screenshot #3

MagicMirror Project on Github | SDO on NASA


In your terminal, go to your MagicMirror's Module folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone this repository:

git clone

Configure the module in your config.js file.


In your terminal, go to your MMM-SolarPicture's Module folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules/MMM-SolarPicture

Incorporate changes from this repository:

git pull


Basic configuration

To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
		module: "MMM-SolarPicture",
		position: "top_left",
		config: {


The following properties can be configured:

Option Description
imageType Type of image captured by Solar Dynamics Observatory present in imageTable. You can choose the wavelength used.

Possible values: view table below.
Default value: 'AIA 304'
updateInterval How often does the content needs to be fetched? (Milliseconds)

Possible values: 1000 - 86400000
Default value: 1 * 60 * 60 * 1000 (1 hour)
transitionInterval Display time of one image before moving to the next. If set to 0, the slideshow is disabled. (Milliseconds)

Possible values: 0 - 3600000
Default value: 0 (slideshow disabled)
animationSpeed Speed of the update animation. (Milliseconds)

Possible values:0 - 5000
Default value: 1000 (1 second)
maxMediaWidth Maximum width for media display. If set to 0, the media's actual width is used. (Pixels)

Possible values:0 - 5000
Default value: 0 (media's width)
maxMediaHeight Maximum height for media display. If set to 0, the media's actual height is used. (Pixels)

Possible values:0 - 5000
Default value: 0 (media's height)
initialLoadDelay The initial delay before loading. (Milliseconds)

Possible values: 1000 - 5000
Default value: 0
imageTable The image table to convert type of image to url.

Default value: view table below.

Default Image Table

imageTable: {
	"AIA 193": "",
	"AIA 304": "",
	"AIA 171": "",
	"AIA 211": "",
	"AIA 131": "",
	"AIA 335": "",
	"AIA 094": "",
	"AIA 1600": "",
	"AIA 1700": ""


  • Add slideshow with all SDO images
  • Add image preload
  • Hide timestamp on the picture


This module is licensed under the MIT License

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