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2010-06-15 Redth <>
* MonoTouch.Dialog/ActivityElement.cs : Made activity indicator
* MonoTouch.Dialog/Controls.cs : HeaderView Pull to Refresh
Cosmetic changes Makes the Background extend in Landscape
Alignment for Landscape, and Flexible Margins to look better in
* MonoTouch.Dialog/DialogViewController.cs : Added ReloadData()
call on DidRotate override so cells get sized
* MonoTouch.Dialog/Elements.cs : Added Accessory property to
ImageStringElement Commented out unnecessary Console output Made
EntryAlignment in Element public instead of internal Switched from
Deprecated NSIndexPath Creation to the current way
* MonoTouch.Dialog/MonoTouch.Dialog.csproj : Includes
OwnerDrawnElement.cs in project file
* MonoTouch.Dialog/OwnerDrawnElement.cs : Added new element
* README.markdown : Added documentation for OwnerDrawnElement
* Sample/DemoOwnerDrawnElement.cs : Added demo for
* Sample/Main.cs : Added code to load OwnerDrawnElement demo
* Sample/Sample.csproj : Includes DemoOwnDrawnElement.cs in
project file
2010-02-19 Miguel de Icaza <>
* MonoTouch.Dialog/Elements.cs: Add LINQ friendly overload (Add
with IEnumerable).
* MonoTouch.Dialog/Reflect.cs: Fix a bug in that the enums were
not being auto-capitalized.
2010-02-16 Miguel de Icaza <>
* DialogViewController.cs: Add support for updating the Root node
after it was created.
Add support to change the rendering mode for the table (Group vs
* Element.cs: Support Clear() on Sections and Root, and make
Disposable Dispose the children.
Updates sample.
2010-01-19 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Elements.cs: Add support for Date, Time and Date+Time elements
to the API.
* Main.cs: Use our own dialogs as a menu selector.
* Reflect.cs: Add support for rendering enumerations as radios.
* Reflect.cs: Add Reflecting API.
2010-01-18 Miguel de Icaza <>
* Elements.cs: Add IDisposable pattern to release resources on
* StringElement.cs: New element that can show text plus its value;
RadioElement now derives from this.
* EntryElement.cs: New element that allows for entering text.
Expanded the sample.