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For a current list of current open tasks/tickets, see:
Feature Requests not converted to redmine tickets (yet):
- theming: per-channel settings
- mini identd server for windows support (enjoi)
- GUI for swichting current protocol manager
- path completion in frontend
- auto-away (AFK) plugin
- compare smuxi with all other common IRC clients on the website
- /squery command (SQUERY service: command)
- telepathy support
- making gnome highlight (urgency) a setting
- /network save, save servers and joined channels for auto-connect/join (basher)
- add marker for disabled pages
- different identities per server (Salz)
- overview page, showing all channels and queries on one page (Salz)
- mark last seen line when switching to other pages and a button to jump it (basher)
- add sed support to correct the last said line, below the sed line
- support ^G (beep), option to either flash screen, ignore or play audio/system beep (basher)
- auto-cleanup query windows after X hours/days of inactivity
- nickname completion should ignore special characters (darix)
- normal nick completion should allow multiple tab press to iterate through possible nicks
- use RedirectChannel / TcpExChannel
- "/config set" command for preferences
- DCC receiving and sending (helgi)
- aliases for commands (/alias slap me slaps $1 with a large trout)
- use for each server connection a servertab and group
the channels within them (Tobias Schlitt)
- smuxi cocoa frontend (Alexander Wirt)
- smuxi text frontend (ncurses based? probably better: SWC)
- scripting/plugins C#/Perl/Python/PHP
- traffic status, showing how much messages per second are written in that
channel (showing it in the tab as pixmap) (Salz)
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