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Commits on Dec 28, 2011
  1. @fxn
  2. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4222 from amatsuda/ar_predicate_builder_refactor

    tenderlove committed
    refactor AR::PredicateBuilder.build_from_hash
  3. @jonleighton

    Merge pull request #4221 from tonycoco/master

    jonleighton committed
    Rails template creation issue
  4. @jonleighton

    Delete some stray lines

    jonleighton committed
  5. @amatsuda
  6. @tonycoco
  7. @jonleighton

    Revert "Merge pull request #4220 from bensie/singleton-class-master"

    jonleighton committed
    This reverts commit 90df0d4, reversing
    changes made to 5e6fc81.
    Reason: build breakage
  8. @jonleighton

    Avoid deprecation warning

    jonleighton committed
  9. @jonleighton

    Support establishing connection on ActiveRecord::Model.

    jonleighton committed
    This is the 'top level' connection, inherited by any models that include
    ActiveRecord::Model or inherit from ActiveRecord::Base.
  10. @jonleighton

    Support configuration on ActiveRecord::Model.

    jonleighton committed
    The problem: We need to be able to specify configuration in a way that
    can be inherited to models that include ActiveRecord::Model. So it is
    no longer sufficient to put 'top level' config on ActiveRecord::Base,
    but we do want configuration specified on ActiveRecord::Base and
    descendants to continue to work.
    So we need something like class_attribute that can be defined on a
    module but that is inherited when ActiveRecord::Model is included.
    The solution: added ActiveModel::Configuration module which provides a
    config_attribute macro. It's a bit specific hence I am not putting this
    in Active Support or making it a 'public API' at present.
  11. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4207 from nashby/deprecate-base64-encode64s

    tenderlove committed
    deprecate Base64.encode64s from AS
  12. @spastorino

    Add CHANGELOG entry

    spastorino committed
  13. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4220 from bensie/singleton-class-master

    tenderlove committed
    Further simplify singleton_class checking in class_attribute
  14. @bensie
  15. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4218 from bogdan/reset_runner_callbacks

    josevalim committed
    Refactor AS::Callbacks
  16. @bogdan

    Refactor AS::Callbacks

    bogdan committed
    Extracted `__reset_runner` from `__define_runner`
    And call it in proper places
  17. @jonleighton

    Merge pull request #4213 from amatsuda/ar_where_array_of_nil_and_a_value

    jonleighton committed
    AR#where with an Array of 2 elements including a nil
  18. @spastorino

    Bump to rack 1.4.0

    spastorino committed
  19. @jonleighton

    Merge pull request #4153 from alexeymuranov/my_fix_for_prefix_suffix_…

    jonleighton committed
    Fix a fixtures test case with table prefix/suffix
  20. @alexeymuranov

    Use the correct table name from fixture

    alexeymuranov committed
    Fixed a bug in fixtures.rb where the table name was incorrectly inferred from the fixture path which was ambiguously called "table_name" but was also used as the fixture name.
    Now, the "correct" table name is taken from an instance variable.
  21. @amatsuda

    where(foo: [1, nil]) becomes "WHERE foo = 1 OR foo IS NULL"

    amatsuda committed
    was "WHERE foo IN (1) OR foo IS NULL" before
  22. @amatsuda
Commits on Dec 27, 2011
  1. @nashby
  2. @spastorino

    Merge pull request #4201 from arunagw/no_worry_about_1.9.2

    spastorino committed
    Revert "This conditions is required to work with database create task.
  3. @spastorino

    Merge pull request #4198 from castlerock/remove_GC_checks_for_ruby19

    spastorino committed
    remove conditions for GC::Profiler in ruby19
  4. @arunagw

    Revert "This conditions is required to work with database create task…

    arunagw committed
    …. 1.9.2 is having a bug with "Calling return within begin still executes else". "
    No need to worry about 1.9.2 with master
    This reverts commit fbf4bee.
  5. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4199 from cibernox/patch-1

    josevalim committed
    Removed RUBY_ENGINE checks for ruby18
  6. @cibernox
  7. @vatrai
  8. @alexeymuranov

    Fix a fixtures test case with table prefix/suffix

    alexeymuranov committed
    Make sure the table name of a model is reset in a test case after assigning ActiveRecord::Base.table_name_prefix and ActiveRecord::Base.table_name_suffix.
Commits on Dec 26, 2011
  1. @spastorino

    Merge pull request #4195 from castlerock/remove_19_condition_for_GC_P…

    spastorino committed
    GC::Profiler available in ruby19
  2. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4197 from nashby/refactor-range-include

    josevalim committed
    refactor Range#include? for range value
  3. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4194 from castlerock/remove_18_test_support

    josevalim committed
    remove ForClassicTestUnit support for ruby 1.8 in performance and setup and teardown
  4. @nashby
  5. @vatrai

    GC::Profiler available in ruby19

    vatrai committed
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