Share links to Emacs initialization files with minimal effort!
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Justification For Existence Of This Project

Share links to Emacs initialization files with minimal effort!

I love reading all kinds of Emacs configuration files ranging for super refined to just starting out. For example caisah has a list of loads of stellar examples. However the only way to get added to that list is for your configuration to be notable. That is a pretty high bar for people just starting out. New people also usually have the freshest ideas though and they challenge the status quo of what we currently consider “the best”. All of those perspectives are valuable so I wanted to create a simple list that can include all of them.

The only requirement for adding a link here is that you or someone else values it. A lot or a little no matter how much—someone just needs to have found it valuable. Emacs is about sharing and learning and that includes the entire spectrum of code out there. Happy Hacking!

How To Contribute

  • Steps
    • Identify Emacs initialization files that either you or someone else found valuable in some way no matter how large or small.
    • Find a link where to get the configuration. That would be a link to the Git project containing it, the file itself, or a blog post. It is at your discretion.
    • Add that link here.

Keep It Simple

The links are stored in a single column Org-Mode table sorted by description. Put notes, comments, attribution, and any other classifications of anything and everything in the link itself—or nothing but the link itself: this is really simple. If the reader wonders if it is useful? They know that it is because somebody added it here. If the reader wonders what style it is written in? Put it in the link. Rely on the link destination to share ratings and details that explain everything that doesn’t fit here. This is easier than you think it is. It is so easy that when you think to bookmark a link instead add it to this list—just edit the page directly and create a pull request.


Initialization Files
Aaron Bedra
Donald Curtis
Magnar Sveen
Sacha Chua
Steve Purcell