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A lithium library to easily integrate the analytics trackers into your webpage (currently only Google Analytics is supported)
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  1. li3_analytics
This library aims to integrate easily any kind of Tracking system into your lithium application using nothing more complex than a helper.

At the moment only Google Analytics is supported.

    1. Installation
Put li3_analytics into your library directory and this into your `app/bootstrap/libraries.php`.

    1. Configuration
For now, `li3_analytics` only supports one tracking, it makes the configuration easier.

      1. Simple configuration
      2. Advanced configuration
`_trackPageView` is there by default but you *must* set it again if you modify anything.

      1. Multi environment configuration
Simple configuration

    1. Usage
      1. in your controller
      2. layouts/default.html.php
As advised by Google, put it right before the end of `<head></head>`.

    1. Where to start
 - [li3_analytics\extensions\Trackings](li3_analytics\extensions\Trackings)

    1. Authors
- Yoan Blanc <></>

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