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`li3_pdf` is a simple way of generating PDF from an HTML input. We first started with **DOM PDF** but that one was very slow so **wkthmltopdf** was added and is recommanded.

    1. Installation
Put `li3_pdf` into your `libraries` directory.

    1. Backends
Two backends exist:

 - [DOM PDF](
 - [wkthml to pdf](

      1. DOM PDF
DOMPDF works entirely in PHP but is slow and have a limited support of CSS.

You can put it along-side `li3_pdf`.

      1. Wkhtmltopdf
wkhtmltopdf relies on a binary executable that renders the HTML using the [Webkit]( and Qt. It's fast and reliable.

The bin `wkhtmltopdf` should be in the current path.

    1. Configuration
    2. Usage
    3. Media
You can also rely on the `Media::type` to generate PDF. Check the `media.php` file into `li3_pdf/config/bootstrap`.

    1. Authors
- Yoan Blanc <<></>>