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Version 1.2:
* Complete redo of attack logic; frogatto now is free to walk around whilst he attacks, and in general is much more responsive.
* Frogatto's tongue-grabbing is MUCH more forgiving
* Complete rewrite of damage handling; much more consistent now, and categorically eliminates some bugs where damage wouldn't get dealt.
* Reworked some tilesets to eliminate tiling errors.
* Further enhancements to dungeon wall graphics (added edges).
* New, more readable dialogue font.
* Lots of small graphical tweaks.
* Maps are now strewn with spittable props within easy reach.
* Rewrote most of the dialogue.
* Collectible items like coins can be collected by being touched by the tongue, besides just frogatto's body.
* Redrew the world map.
* Added a few new monsters, like the red hornbugs, and completely rewrote how bats behave.
* Fixed a bug that caused a black line in the seaside background during dialogues.
* Fixed a bug that caused some tiles to incorrectly be flagged as opaque.
Version 1.1.1:
* Fixed some crashing bugs.
* Fixed The Long Haul (arcade level)
* Fixed instructions on titlescreen
* New translation: Italian
* Complete redo of iOS controls, switching to a 2-button dpad from a 4-button. Eliminates all problems with mispressed up or down keys interrupting other actions.