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Trac Notifications for Slack

Trac has really nice email notifications for tickets:

#25: Please check in the new admin scripts
   Reporter:  gregi        |      Owner:  robert
       Type:  enhancement  |     Status:  new
   Priority:  major        |  Milestone:  Ready To Do
 Resolution:               |   Keywords:
Action Item:               |
Changes (by gregi):

 * milestone:  Backlog => Ready To Do

Ticket URL: [...]

Having those handy notifications on changes directly in Slack enhances productivity!

Trac Slack integration


On your machine running trac, add a slack user and save tracslack.py in his $HOME.

Edit the .forward file of this user with this content:


Finally, adjust your trac.ini and add the local slack user as an smtp_always_cc option.

 smtp_always_cc = slack@localhost


You need to setup an "Incoming Webhook" inside Slack. Afterwards set the SLACK_URL and SLACK_TOKEN inside tracslack.py:


Additionally, you can adjust the channel, username and even the emoji of the trac messages:



Maintained by Gregor Dorfbauer @dorfbauer

If you like those scripts, have a look at my startup Usersnap. And yes, Usersnap has a very nice Trac Integration, too.