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IsNSFW - The URL Shortener for NSFW Content

This project is really just way for me to experiment with various technologies. Key points:

  • .NET Core 2.0
  • ServiceStack Templates
  • CQRS / CQS
  • Decorators
  • Better Unit Tests (I usually skip straight to Integration tests because they're the most critical)

But... why?

A few (many) years back, I launched Because of a mishap with a hosting provide, the project got deleted from their servers, and I never bothered setting it back up. I had the source code, but not the data, and didn't feel like building. Now, since it's a simple, small project, I'm reviving it.

ServiceStack Templates

.NET Core 2.0 ServiceStack Templates Bootstrap Website

Browse source code, view live demo and install with dotnet-new:

$ npm install -g @servicestack/cli

$ dotnet-new templates ProjectName