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Modular Loss Experiments Code

The Modular Loss function interpolates between training an ensemble of neural networks independently and training a single neural network with a branching architecture. It can be used to study the effect of joint training of neural networks.

The code here reproduces the results of, as part of the EPSRC LAMBDA project (EP/N035127/1). The three scripts:


will train the ensembles described in the paper with the same hyperparameters.

Coupled Ensembles Loss Equivalence Demonstration

In the paper appendix, we show that two of the `coupled training' loss functions in the paper Coupled Ensembles of Neural Networks are actually equivalent to each other and to independent training. There is some code in the directory coupled_ensembles_loss_equivalence to demonstrate this numerically/empirically.

Simulation of Dropping Modules

One effect of the hyper-parameter of the Modular Loss which governs inter-network interactions is a change in the behaviour when only a subset of modules are used for inference. Full joint training causes a large degradation in performance when a subset of the modules are used, but this can be easily corrected by using the Modular Loss with the appropriate hyper-paramter. Code to simulate accuracy when dropping modules stochastically for pre-trained ensembles is provided in

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