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I'd like to let vim-preview use a specific ruby and gemset for previews, regardless of the loaded rvm in the shell session before opening vim. Is it possible?


It's not a scope of vim-preview but I you can do the next(it works for me):

# Create gemset for vim and install necessary staff
rvm gemset use 1.9.3@vim --create
gem install bluecloth github-markup RedCloth 

# Create aliases to use specific gemset with vim
# You probably want to move this in you ~/.bashrc file(or similar):
alias vim='rvm gemset use 1.9.3@vim && vim'
alias gvim='rvm gemset use 1.9.3@vim && gvim'

It should help. Thanks.


Probably it's better to create wrapper scripts for vim and gvim, since aliases change current gemset...


I guess I'll try autocmd and


Vim-rvm looks good. Thanks, I'll try it to.
Closing the ussue.

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