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An organization built to facilitate the growth of distributed ledger technologies and the infrastructure powering them.


  1. anchor Public

    EOSIO Desktop Wallet and Authenticator

    JavaScript 527 217

  2. unicove Public

    Unicove - Antelope Web Wallet 🦄

    Svelte 15 13

  3. Library to assist in creating and digesting EOSIO Signing Requests (ESR)

    TypeScript 32 24

  4. anchor-link Public

    Persistent, fast and secure signature provider for EOSIO chains built on top of EOSIO Signing Requests (EEP-7)

    TypeScript 50 25

  5. swift-eosio Public

    Library for swiftly working with EOSIO blockchains on Linux, macOS and iOS with ESR support

    Swift 14 16


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