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eos-voter - EOS Block Producer Voting & Wallet

eos-voter is a limited-functionality release of a light wallet being designed for the EOS blockchain. This application can be used to connect to a remote EOS API endpoint to perform producer voting actions and a few basic wallet commands.

eos-voter screenshot


  • Block Producer Voting: Select which block producers to support and cast your vote. Please note that the block producer voting UI is not a research tool; it is a simple interface that provides a secure way to vote.
  • Token Transfers: Transfer EOS or any other token you may have a balance for to another user or exchanges.
  • CPU/Bandwidth Staking: Stake your EOS as either Bandwidth or CPU. This grants rights to resource usage on the network, in addition to conveying weight while voting for block producers.
  • Local Wallet: Set a password while importing your private key to create a local wallet. Your key will be encrypted locally using this password. This password will be required each time you need to unlock the wallet.
  • Temporary Usage: If you prefer not to store your keys within the application, simply choose not to set a password. When the application quits, your key will be forgotten.

Get eos-voter


Current 0.6.2 release downloads:

The latest release will always be available on the releases page of this repository:

To determine which file you need, if you are a...

  • MacOS User: Download either the DMG (eos-voter-***.dmg) or ZIP (eos-voter-*** file.
  • Windows User: Download the EXE (eos-voter-***.exe) file.
  • Linux User: Download either the SNAP (eos-voter-***-_amd64.snap) or DEB (eos-voter-***-_amd64.deb) file

Security: Private Keys

When using eos-voter, all transactions are signed within the application and your key is never transmitted. If a local wallet password is specified, the application will also save and encrypt your key for future use, using AES-256 encryption. The current password/key encryption scheme can currently be found here.


We offer a public list of nodes within this repository for use with this application:

This list will be updated over time and can be referenced from within the initial connection screen in the app.

Build it yourself

If you'd rather build the application yourself, please ensure you have nodejs/npm/yarn already installed locally.

Note: If you are configuring this Electron application within a Windows development environment, it will involve additional steps.

git clone eos-voter
cd eos-voter
npm install
cd app
npm install
cd ..

Then, depending on what OS you use, either:

  • MacOS: npm run package-mac
  • Linux: npm run package-linux
  • Windows: npm run package-win

If you are building a binary, it must be compiled from the target OS. Windows builds need to be built on Windows, etc.

The files built will be located in the releases folder within the root project folder.

Running development mode

git clone eos-voter
cd eos-voter
npm install
cd app
npm install
cd ..
npm run dev


The development of this application is being led by members of the Greymass team in an effort to let stakeholders participate in EOS’ governance.

Release Signatures

To verify the integrity of the releases you download from GitHub, below are the shasum results for each of the binaries:

Signed by jesta on keybase

Hash: SHA512

shasum -b -a 512 linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-amd64.deb
a158c50a65ffa8c34c54aae5ff5d0e730fce6e881f102d558c47ed9b12fe555ba066da9961e817038d66ddd8554bbc339ef10111896af4a67e0159e3ed75f845 *linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-amd64.deb
shasum -b -a 512 linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-arm64.deb
e5c4dee66f097af7f23b7b1214e4b891e98c8e77dd3a99e60d4ba24f3f086f4b8ca2f6713b1a4af0627d58658411abdfaf36d33b793c6c3cc62de25a73b6fe9a *linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-arm64.deb
shasum -b -a 512 linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-armv7l.deb
bc0e001d5344d0ea56d7d39a445b5ec9c23d590026eb6c71d287135371a6b5f32146b89505e316cd05e7fc5287a620acd17c0ad2613861c390b705baaa25e19a *linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-armv7l.deb
shasum -b -a 512 linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-x86_64.AppImage
f03c07c4d10e16baf7ecfb36258da1ac08a62615330a6998bbb028ba5bb27dbccc634690edba0b9fe28957ba81497ec601a6aea0392d16bb65070290824ece2e *linux-eos-voter-0.6.2-x86_64.AppImage
shasum -b -a 512 mac-eos-voter-0.6.2.dmg
935ef44a0b62ad123259da5440a2351f3517aa939ab2ff6cb12f895d72aa48b7b67d0503aa20119ec6ef2f9a3f6815efa947bd8344ec93f6ed18ffe6a52f9f19 *mac-eos-voter-0.6.2.dmg
shasum -b -a 512
c00f9dd07f0f7e71efcca7a5c2f81104bc28bd99dbef13bab24f61cd1c774a9874489bae640694442cbcda5f9f54c4310fbefd38b23ad269175a83e834575693 *
shasum -b -a 512 win-eos-voter-0.6.2.exe
5c9fe446bcbc28e43efbe3066eeab94ddcba3b9ccbdcb49a6157eacb2846ff99673594040fc48e75f68b97cb07b323a59de6b3bd7848d3b29c7e25797ce4f4a1 *win-eos-voter-0.6.2.exe
Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.80